Seefa Premium Incense from Warshi Pariwar

Honourable Reader,
Firstly, from the family of Warshi Pariwar, our sincere congratulations and love for you and your family. In the past years, we came across many people while providing various social services with your co-operation. We have noticed that in the villages, semi-cities and even in large cities like Kolkata, unemployment is a big problem. As a part of the solution to this problem, we took a cumbersome initiative. Our initiative is to establish a company named ‘Seefa’ to produce Incense stick from its own production hub. By purchasing a packet of “Seefa Incense” created by the trust, the buyer helps us move forward towards our social service like helping the poor students of higher education, Flood rescue, winters clothes distribution, medicine distribution in the medical bank, Regular earning arrangement of poor men and women through various activities etc. Through donating a valuable share of their hard earned resources. God / Malik help all your work. Let us all join this humanitarian program as a resident of India.
Our future program-
  • Construction of an elderly house, orphanage and a hospital in the same compound and providing services to the poor people at full free of cost.
  • To provide scholarships on behalf of the Warsi Pariwar to continue the education of 10-15 meritorious and poor students every year.
Willingly joining everyone in this great work voluntarily. We pray to the good God to provide you with a long healthy life and success. For more details, Please write to us at email- 
Contact No : +91-8017558495